Röntgen, Johannes

Amsterdam, 30 September 1898
Namen, 28 April 1969

Sonata no.3 in a
1. Allegro con fuoco e energico
2. Presto scherzando
3. Adagio. Grave
4. Rondo. Allegretto
duration: about 25′;
publisher: Donemus, Amsterdam 1957.

A short biography of Johannes Röntgen still needs to be translated.

The Johannes Röntgen archives at the Nederlands Muziek Instituut contain:
the incomplete autograph manuscript of a sonata (no.1) in d minor dated 1923;
the autograph manuscript of the Sonata no.2 in A major, dedicated to Carel van Leeuwen Boomkamp, dated 1930;
the autograph manuscript of an Improvisation for cello and piano dated 1955.
The autograph manuscript of the Sonata no.3 in a minor contains at the end a revision dated 1967. On the Donemus website you can, as a preview, have a look at the first twelve pages of the first movement.

In 1932, Johannes Röntgen composed also a Capriole for cello and chamber orchestra.

(August 10th 2016)