On this page you can view a list of names of Dutch composers who have written compositions for cello and piano. Dutch composers living abroad and foreign composers who took up residence in the Netherlands have also been included in this catalogue to ensure that they are not inadvertently overlooked.

Nederlands Muziek Instituut
Autographs of many works, both published and unpublished, can be found in the archives of the Nederlands Muziek Instituut. Visit the website and click on ‘correspondence and manuscripts’. Subsequently enter the composer’s name and the relevant instrumentation code (276 for cello and piano). You may also include the work’s exact title and its year of composition if you wish.

Download on ISMLP / Petrucci
From the ISMLP / Petrucci it is possible to legally download a number of published works that have since entered the public domain. Some works can also be downloaded from the ‘Muziekschatten‘ (musical treasures) site of the Muziekbibliotheek van de Omroep (Music Library of the Netherlands Broadcasting Music Center). This involves compositions which are otherwise only still available from antiquarian booksellers, if at all. This possibility has been indicated on the site, where relevant, together with the appropriate link.

The majority of the compositions that have appeared since the Second World War have been published by Donemus. In the case of works published up to and including 2012 the publication details are listed as: Donemus, Amsterdam + year, while the publication details of works appearing from 2013 onwards are listed as: Donemus, Rijswijk + year. Please click here to visit the Donemus website and here to go directly to the Donemus webshop.

General information
General information on Dutch music of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries can be found in the standard works of Eduard Reeser: Een eeuw Nederlandse Muziek (Querido, Amsterdam 1950) and Leo Samama: Nederlandse muziek in de 20-ste eeuw. Voorspel tot een nieuwe dag (fully revised second edition; University Press–Salomé, Amsterdam 2006).

Encyclopaedic information
Encyclopaedic information about a number of composers can be found in: Jolande van der Klis (editor), The Essential Guide to Dutch Music. 100 Composers and Their Work (Amsterdam University Press, 2000).
A truly indispensable reference work for all cellists is the standard work by Henk Lambooij and Michael Feves: A Cellist’s Companion. A Comprehensive Catalogue of Cello Literature (Lulu.com, 2007; www.cellocompanion.com).