The foundation

Stichting Cellosonate Nederland
The Society of Dutch Composers (GeNeCo), administrator of the Bosmans Fund and one of the sponsors of our CD featuring works by Bosmans and Van Delden, wrote in the “Project Subsidy” section of its 2003 annual report: “The Bosmans Fund has also supported Tatlin Records in its release of a superb CD which includes the Sonata for Cello and Piano composed by Bosmans in 1919. In this work the spirit of her father seems to live on: Henri Bosmans, the first solo cellist of the newly established Concertgebouw Orchestra, who died in 1896, never to see his daughter growing up. A splendid interpretation by the pianist Frans van Ruth and the cellist Doris Hochscheid.”

A project like ours cannot be realised without subsidies and sponsoring. In order to be able to pursue an active policy in this area we have proceded to establish a foundation: the Stichting Cellosonate Nederland. The chief objective of this foundation is to promote the popularity of Dutch music for cello and piano with a particular emphasis on the Dutch cello sonata. The foundation strives to achieve this objective in two ways. Firstly, through the establishment of a digital catalogue of all Dutch cello sonatas (which can be accessed via the The catalogue page of this website). Secondly, through the development of a CD project for which we intend to record the best Dutch cello sonatas from the period 1900-1950 (please see The cd-project page of this website)
The foundation’s Board Members are:
Quinten Bunschoten, voorzitter
Catharine Sevenster, secretaris/penningmeester
René de Vries, bestuurslid
Roderik de Man, adviseur
Kvk nr 34268006
giro nr NL56INGB0003119890 te Amsterdam
Stichting Cellosonate Nederland heeft de status van Culturele ANBI.


Members of the foundation’s Advisory Committee are:
Monique Bartels, cellopedagoge
Anner Bijlsma, cellist
Dmitrij Ferschtman, cellist
Wim Henderickx, Vlaams componist
Henk Heuvelmans, directeur Gaudeamus Muziekweek
Willem Jeths, componist
Oliver Knussen, Brits componist en dirigent
Marjolein Meijer, celliste
Maarten Mostert, artistiek directeur Amsterdamse Cello Biënnale
Melissa Phelps, Engelse celliste en cellopedagoge
Leo Samama, muziekpublicist & componist
Sieuwert Verster, directeur Orkest van de Achttiende Eeuw
Quirine Viersen, celliste
Frances Wammes, honorair directeur KAM
Frits Zwart, directeur Nederlands Muziek Instituut
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