Dresden, Sem

Amsterdam, 20 April 1881
Den Haag, 31 July 1957

Sonata no.1
1. Modérément animé
2. Tranquille et légèrement soutenu
3. Vif et impétueux
duration; about 16’30;
publisher: Senart, Paris 1922;
first performance: Arnhem, January 14th 1918,
by Thomas Canivez and Sem Dresden.

Sonata no.2
1. Allegro molto
2. Allegro agitato
3. Poco lento – Allegro con fuoco – Poco lento
duration: about 22′;
publisher: Donemus, Amsterdam 1947.

At the moment, Geert van den Dungen is preparing an article on Sem Dresden which will be published in 2015 by the Leo Smit Foundation and Amsterdam University Press. The results of his research will, when published, also be used here.


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(december 25th, 2014)