Vleggaar, Giel

Amsterdam, 9 January 1974

Counting stars with confidence
2002: originally for bass clarinet and harpsichord
dedicated to Harry Sparnaay and Annelie de Man;
composed with financial support of the Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst;
first performance: Amsterdam, February 1st 2004 by Harry Sparnaay and Annelie de Man;

version for cello and piano: 2005
duration: about 8’30”;
publisher: Donemus, Amsterdam 2005;
first performance: Eindhoven, October 3rd 2010 by Doris Hochscheid and Frans van Ruth.

Extensive and updated information about Giel Vleggaar can be found on his website: www.gielvleggaar.com.