Vermeulen, Matthijs

Helmond, 8 February 1888
Laren, 16 July 1967

Photo: Matthijs Vermeulen Stichting

Première Sonate
duration: about 22’;
publisher: Editions Maurice Senart, Paris 1927;
first performance: Amsterdam, April 18th 1920 by Thomas Canivez and Evert Cornelis;
re-published by Donemus, Amsterdam 1956;
first edition dedicated to Ernest Lévy;
new edition (ed. Odilia Vermeulen & Ton Braas), MCN/Donemus, Amsterdam 2005.

Deuxième Sonate 1927/1938
Première partie
Seconde partie
duration: 24’;
publisher: Donemus, Amsterdam 1952;
first performance: Paris, June 21st 1943 by Paul Tortelier and Lia Pala;
new edition (ed. Odilia Vermeulen & Ton Braas): MCN/Donemus, Amsterdam 2005.

This space would normally have offered a short biography of Vermeulen and a description of his two cello sonatas. However, Ton Braas, who wrote Vermeulen’s biography, has provided us with texts which are both too long to be placed here and too beautifully written to be abridged. Consequently, the full texts on Vermeulen’s life and sonatas can be found under library.