Lilien, Ignace

Lemberg (now Lviv, Ukrain), 29 May 1897
Den Haag, 10 May 1964

Première Sonate
autograph at the Nederlands Muziek Instituut in The Hague;
edition Hochscheid/Van Ruth, 2013;
1. Allegro
2. Andante
3. Allegro
duration: about 20′;
publisher: Donemus, Rijswijk 2015.

Deuxième Sonate
1. Allegro ma non troppo
2. Andante pastorale
3. Finale. Allegro
duration: about 20′;
location: Nederlands Muziek Instituut.

At the moment, Frans van Ruth is preparing an article on Ignace Lilien which will be published in 2015 by the Leo Smit Foundation and Amsterdam University Press. The results of his research will, when published, also be used here.

recording Première Sonate:
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(december 25th, 2014)