Geuer, Berthe (Bep)

Utrecht, 1888 (of 1889?)
Paris, 1974

The Nederlands Muziek Instituut owns a great number of manuscripts with music for cello and piano by Berthe Geuer. These manuscripts need thorough studying.

At first sight we found:
Deux méditations,
Sonata, Paris 1935 – only movements 2, 3 and 4?
Sonatina, 1942
Suite, 1945
Trois danses rituelles,
Trois portraits, 1953
Sonata no.2, – only movements 1 and 2?

Useful information can be found in:
Marina H.G. Kaldeway-van Andel: ‘La Bep’, femme compositeur (Houten, 1992).

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